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Kimber Kabell - Transformational Breakthrough Expert

Kimber is passionate about providing you with the ultimate innovative customer experience by means of breakthrough transformational coaching programs with her A Team and the production and planning of global speaker events for you and her companies.

She knows there is nothing more satisfying than to find something that is worth fighting for to give your business, your life and your Self a higher level of meaning.

In her 25 years plus of dedication to being the Best in delivering Breakthrough Transformational Programs and coaching, she found her own new way to infuse intimacy in business ventures, social interactions for artistic results. She passionately works with Speakers, Authors and Business Leaders to empower their life to attract the right relationships. This collaborative model serves to mutate and establish new values for thriving practices for the evolution of humanity. She recognizes when your ambition has the potential to create sustainable wealth for your ideal clients and simultaneously increase your Cachet and Profits.

Her Innovative Customer Commitment approach gets to the heart of what matters to you and your clients and provides uniquely satisfying experiences that will set you apart.

 "It's not what you sell. It's how you show up and deliver that earns you loyalty, respect and profitability."

Kimber has touched the lives of over 100,000 people as a speaker, a coach and her two best sellers: The Law of Business Attraction and Get Your Woman On. She has generated over 10 billion dollars in sales, contracts and intellectual property. She is a peace delegate for the United Nations Women's Commission on the Status of Women and is committed to taking actions that will improve the quality of life globally for women and children. | |  310-577-9218 | @Kimberkabell

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